Gringo is a Fair Trade clothing, accessory and giftware company, based in the relaxed seaside city of Swansea, supplying customers throughout the UK and Europe.

Virtually all of our collections are designed in-house and follow a unique fashion agenda, giving all the products a personal edge, setting them apart from a mass-production in the high street, making Gringo items truly original.

Gringo is a family business run by Dave and Deb Montague-Evans who spent many years in the 70s travelling extensively throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia, the Americas and finally Australia. Whilst travelling in Mexico in the mid 80s, they bought handmade jewellery from families in a small dusty Mexican village, and started wholesaling the jewellery in Australia, and from there Gringo was born.

The wholesale business grew rapidly and they turned their hand to clothing and bag design, and set up small workshop under their house in Australia making the clothes themselves. The demand for their unusual clothing soon outgrew what they could make, so they returned to their beloved island of Bali, and working with Balinese friends they had made previously, they started making the clothing and bags.

From the beginning they ensured that all the people involved in the production of their goods were paid fairly and have always adhered to their business principles of "Aid through Trade".

In the early 90s Gringo moved to the UK where the business has grown dramatically, and products are now produced in Nepal and India, as well as Bali. Their original business motto was, and still is today, to pay a fair price for their goods, and sell them for a fair price, so the local artisans benefit through their labour and skills.



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