Gringo's motto is "Aid Through Trade"

By helping these proud people in the developing world to sell their products, we can help their families to get out of the poverty trap, improve their standard of living and quality of life and appreciate all the hard work that goes into each individual item.

We only buy directly from small scale producers, such as family businesses and co-operatives, who we have visited in person and checked they meet our Fair Trade criteria.

This ensures our products are fairly sourced, as by cutting out the middle men, the profit goes directly to the suppliers.

We also try to keep a continuation of supply by buying from the same suppliers, which gives the families and their workers confidence to have some control over their lives, without the threat of unemployment and poverty.

In Bali alone we produce with over 30 small family run businesses, and some of these we have been working with for more than 15 years, and a strong bond of trust and partnership has evolved between us.

Through this bond, and by always visiting all the suppliers personally at least twice a year, we have helped them install better conditions for their workers. These include paying the workers a fair wage, a clean and safe working environment, sufficient lighting, adequate breaks, never using child labour and breaks for religious holidays and festivals.

Our suppliers have come to realise that when their workers are happy everyone benefits.

Gringo always pay their suppliers a minimum 30% deposit when the order is placed, then the balance prior to the goods being shipped.

Many recycled fabrics are also used in our designs and production, plus we always try to source local materials and fabrics and keep environmental pollution to a minimum.

We believe all have a right to better our lives.

"Aid Through Trade"



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