GRINGO NEPAL APPEAL Nepal's Earthquake....25th April 2015. We are all absolutely devastated by the catastrophic earthquake that has hit the medieval city of Kathmandu and the surrounding countryside. We have been doing business with Nepalese suppliers for 17 years and look forward excitedly to our 6 monthly trips there. When we returned from there a month ago, we left behind an exotic city full of chaos but with happy, peaceful and jovial people, poor but proud. Kathmandu is a crowded, frantic city, full of ancient buildings and narrow winding roads. It is very fragile politically but home to many marginalized ethnic groups and multiple religions that all co-habit happily together. They welcome all with open arms and their hospitality is unrivalled. Now, we are at a loss to express the horror and devastation our suppliers and their families are having to suffer. We have made contact with most of our suppliers who are all unharmed but nearly all have lost family members or close friends. Many are also suffering from the loss of their homes and all their belongings or from unsafe buildings. Kathmandu is still suffering from 8-10 aftershocks a day and as the dust settles and the world forgets about Nepal, the realization of the massive rebuilding operation looms ominously. This where we feel at the moment we can best help them. We are already sending money to Nepal to secure tents before the onset of the monsoon next month and have got a colleague distributing them to the villages in the Gorkha region which was the epicentre of the earthquake. We would also like to raise funds to help buy building materials to rebuild the homes in these villages and give some stability to the lives of these humble people. If you would like to donate to aid in our task of shelters and rebuilding, or would like more information, please contact Gringo. Bank account name........Gringo Nepal Appeal. Sort code : 20-58-72 Account number : 83203174 THANK YOU X

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